Watermark service for ebooks (pdf, epub, mobi)

Need an anti-piracy solution?

easy to install, powerful, multi-platform compatible, without DRM

Flexlibris Watermark® is designed for you.

Flexlibris Watermark®is a watermarking web service (digital watermarking).

A true alternative to DRM, this modern version of ex-Libris allows you to instantly stamp any e-book responsively from any website, irrespective of the distribution platform.

Flexlibris Watermark will enable you to sell your e-books with total peace of mind.

Flexlibris Watermark® is automatically embedded both visibly and invisibly into the chosen text(s) of your digital books. It is also traceable thanks to its unique and imperceptible technology..

It is the most reliable solution on the market today that will secure the distribution of your e-books and protect copyright.

Moreover, it will enable you to respect your readers’ freedom of use.

Some Flexlibris Watermark® features

100% compatibility

100% compatible with all e-book readers and tablets on the market.

epub, pdf, mobi

epub, epub3, Pdf and Kindle mobi formats are supported.

Ready to use

Ready to use thanks to CMS plug-ins for Prestashop and WordPress.

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